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December 23, 4pm: On my way home for Christmas, I stop at Valvoline, Murrysville PA for an oil change. 40 miles later, I am stranded on the Turnpike with NO OIL in my motor.

It is below freezing and we are 10 miles from either exit and it's too far and too cold to walk. So we call someone to come to our rescue with oil and a funnel since a tow will take hours longer. Long story short, a 4 hour trip took over 12 hours, ruined half of our holiday plans and left my car coated in oil and grime.

After recieving a bad check from Valvoline for some of my exspense, I am still hagling with them to get what they owe me. Not only did they SCREW UP MY OIL CHANGE and give me a bad check, they do not feel my inconvenience, time or Christmas with my family is worth anything.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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amazing... it appears yet another valvoline employee decides to chime in.

yes, valvoline trains you to do certain things, but that doesnt mean every tech does it. I spent 2 years with the company and i can advise first hand of some of the complete idiots that valvoline hires. most of them are fresh out of high school, have never held another job, and well let's just say i have 2 teenagers at home and they always do as instructed... oh, i forget you can't sense my sarcasm through the computer.

valvoline as a whole half-*** their way through any "investigation"(i use the term loosely)and pretty much pays for what they want... if the person takes them to court they tend to listen at that point, but in my experience with the company most people don't take the time to do that.


It appears someone did not secure the new oil filter properly and failed to clean frame oil off the skid plate and frame. Not all Valvoline technicians are like this, just one specific individual.


Judging by your horrible pictures, your skid plate, if that's what it is, has black, dark oil on it. That's called frame oil and that's residual oil left on your car during the oil change, not oil that came out of your car.

Secondly, Valvoline's employees are trained to double-check that the old gasket is off the housing, and also to check the drain plug and filter for tightness. If there was any way your car was leaking oil that badly, you would not have left that store. Also, it is Valvoline's policy to kiss *** to their customers and refund at least the oil change if there is even a slight possibility of them being at fault, and I'm pretty sure a check from a major corporation isn't going to bounce, especially one that makes as much money as Valvoline does.

I can't count how many times I saw customers come in screaming that their was no oil in their car and that the company was responsible for either not putting oil in the car or letting them leave with leaks. All of these circumstances are pretty close to impossible, and as it turned out, not a single one of those customers were right.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #116812

I went in for an oil change and came out with my *** greased and soar


i'm guessing they didn't get the old oil filter gasket off? could have been alot worse. could have blown the motor saw that when working at walmart never go to there tle

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